Party Mode
Party mode is an advanced training mode for each person when participating in a running team together.
When participating in Party Mode, depending on the number of NFTs the captain owns, he can receive different Productivity Growth Rates for all members.
*Note: During the implementation of Party Mode, all members must follow the same route, if the NFT rank of one of the party members is lower than the captain, that player must also follow until the NFT level. completed by the captain.
If one of the members is more than 100m away from the captain's position, all Party Mode activities will be canceled, the member will still receive rewards based on personal performance but no rewards. Added Party Mode bonus.
The price distribution table increases the reward based on the number of captain's NFTs:
NFT Amount
Productivity of 5 people
Productivity of 10 people
1-5 random NFT
5% Quantity
8% Quantity
5-10 random NFT
8% Quantity
15% Quantity
10-30 random NFT
10% Quantity
20% Quantity
more than 30 NFT
15% Quantity
30% Quantity
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